What can I do if I forget my Vault password?


You may reset your numeric password using the following steps, as long as you have previously registered a Security Email address (this feature is currently only available for Android users with Vault version and above):

  1. Enter your password incorrectly two times.
  2. A link with “Forgot password” will be displayed. Tap the link to continue.
  3. A security code will be sent to the address that you designated as your Security Email. Check your email to access the code.
  4. Enter your security code on the Reset Password page.
  5. You will be prompted to reset your password.

For users with an older version of the app, NQ Mobile does not recover forgotten numeric passwords.

However, if you have used our Vault Cloud Backup service to backup your files prior. If so, you will just need to tap " Cloud Backup" in your application, sign in with the same NQ Mobile account you used previously, and then select "Restore" to download from our Cloud Backup. However, if you have not made a backup in the past then at this time your files are lost and there is unfortunately no other way to recover them.

You can set up a new Vault password by uninstalling and reinstalling NQ Mobile Vault. Please note, in Android device, if you reinstall NQ Mobile Vault with a new password you will not be able to access data you stored using your old password.  Unfortunately, because of iOS limitations, all information is removed when application is uninstalled.



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