I just got a new phone, how can I transfer my Premium Vault service to the new device?

It's easy to transfer your Vault service to a new device, here's how:

Android Device Instructions:

1. Open the Vault app on your OLD mobile device

2. Tap Menu

3. Tap Premium Features


4. Tap Sync NQ Account


5. On your NEW mobile device, go to Google Play and download NQ Mobile Vault.

6. Open the Vault app on your new device and tap Premium Features.


7. Tap Membership Transfer


8. Sign in with your Vault username and password. The transfer is now complete.



iPhone Instructions:

You can re-download all your purchased apps without paying again, as long as you're using the same iTunes account.  Your apps can be on as many iOS devices as you want, as long as the devices are signed in to the same account.


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