I installed NQ Mobile Security Premium and I lost my phone. How does the anti-theft operation work?

Our anti-theft feature provides several tools to help you cope with the loss of your phone. These tools can be activated online through your account NQ Space. Alternatively, you can send SMS commands to your lost phone from the device number of reports.

Remote locate - you can find the location of your phone via GPS and triangulation technology base. To use the text locate the remote control function * * for the device locate the number of reports.

Alarm sounds - send the command to your phone alarm to activate an alarm and (hopefully) consider closely. To use the alarm function * text * alarm device from the number of reports.

Remote Lock - prevent the unlawful use of lock the phone remotely. To use the lock function * text * to lock the device in the number of reports.

Delete command - Protect your privacy by removing contacts, messages, pictures and videos remotely. To use the text * delete * for the device in the number of reports.

Note that the Anti-Theft function has previously been activated on your phone in order to use these functions.

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